Pohsarang OldChurch

Set foot and stepped in to a Complex religion, we directly showing style architecture is charming. Besides a touch of tradition that is thick, the Catholic Church that lies at the foot of the east Mountain Wilis, District Cement, District Kediri this also brings the force of modern. So, besides seeing a touch of Mojopahit, Java, Tiongkok, Even Hindu and Buddhist, we can also see sruktur bow wood, steel drag link roof, and technology of the house automatically.
An old church Pohsarang this built in 1936 and was experiencing several times renovation. But from a series of renovations, the shape of the original church still awake. The Altar of the church of the rock is still the weight reaches seven tons and is into jewelry carving deer, the altar outside the shape of a Stupa Borobudur, the tower shaped Temple Buntar, pendopo, the gamelan as a bridesmaid misa, tabernakel rock design stone knocked over, the cemetery, and others, still we can meet at the Church Pohsarang.
Forms this amazing not escape from the hands of the cold Ir. Maclaine Pont (1884-1971), an architect, nationals Holland who was born in Messter Cornlis (Jatinegara). When starting to design this church, he didn't forget to include elements of local culture. As an architect, Pont really admire sites important in Java, one of Majapahit in Trowulan Mojokerto, Java East.
Until the renovation of the current, complex, this church has a vast more than 6,5 acres with planning the expansion. In the Complex Phsarang, we can see some thing unique that over time many peeped at the visitors baika domestic. First setruktur the church and some buildings important here is antique with diwarnai stretch of wire steel instead of reng and usuk to the roof of the building. In the church, relief-relief rock about a symbol-a symbol of the author of the Gospel of tergurat clear.
Besides the Church, on the pilgrimage of Catholic Pohsarang there are three statue of Mary. The statue first in the Cave Matia next to the left of the Church is the oldest in the complex. First, the statue is ever stolen and found and returned in by the common, while the third stood magnificent in the rekah top Rock Maria Lourdas.
Attraction we can meet in this place is a Three Way Cross. Each is in the Complex of the Church of Santa Maria Pohsarang, the second around the Garden Dish Kana, and a third on the back of a stasi-stasi devotion's visage with form-the shape of the statue of the great man. The road Crosses it official on Sunday, 28 May 2008 and in the year 2011 this new course plus some stasi to better explain chronicle the journey of Jesus in the Bible.
Besides the church is an antique, three statue of mary and the three Way Cross, we can also find three Huts Rosary that was prepared special for the pilgrims to pray the Rosary. Three huts made for mempersentasikan the mysteries of the life of Jesus Christ who direnungkan in prayer, namely the Events of the Joyful, the Events of the Sad and the Events of the Lord.
Tour Bethlehem
For visitors who want to spend the night or having activities spiritual, in the location of the tour Pohsarang also available inn An Bethlehem along with the building meeting. Available 24 bedroom standard and 30 bedroom VLP and the building with capacity to 1,000 until 1,500 for people to use the event retreat, seminar or event kerohanian other. In An it is also available in the cafeteria that provides a variety of dishes of food and drink.
Lies + 6 km, + 15 minutes from the Town of Kediri. In sightseeing pilgrimage of Katholik there are an old church fusion of european architecture and Majapahit unique and also object-object other attractive, like:
1. Cave Maria Lourdes
2. The Road Crosses The Hill Golgota
3. The Park Kana
4. Earth Camp Hill Tabor
5. Building common
6. An Bethlehem and An Quiet as a place of lodging tourists
Tourists can visit the area all the time for Mass Novena and every Friday Night Legi to tirakatan prayer together and tour.