Alor Island Wonder Land

Do you know the island of Alor? The island of Alor is one of the districts in the province of Nusa Southeast East, bordering with the State of Timor Leste. Many don't know the beauty of the island of Alor because it is in the South east. Besides transportation towards the object of the tour is also still difficult.

Even transportation towards the object of the heart's hard, but you won't be disappointed if you have arrived at the destination. The island of Alor is famous as surganya traveller's or a hobby of diving. This is proven with a 18 point dive called the baruna dive sites at alor. If you have to make sure the island of Alor as destinasi tour you this year, you can try a few tips berwisata to the island of Alor here.

Transportation air
If you depart from Jakarta, Surabaya or Denpasar, you have to transit in Kupang before heading for Alor. You can use the mode of transportation air to get in Kupang, the price tickets are offered starting from Rp 700.000. As soon as at the airport El Dance, Kupang, you can continue the journey with the airline TransNusa serve a flight to Alor with the price of a ticket between Rp 350.000-Rp 550.000. Flight TransNusa this beroprasi every day so you don't have to worry about be stranded waiting for a flight. On arrival at the airport Mali, Kalabahi, capital of Alor, you have to hire a travel or ojek official because trasportasi general is available here. The cost you have to get between Rp 20.000 of them Rp of 30,000 for ojek and Rp 50.000 Rp of 100,000 per person for travel.

Transportation sea
Besides with a transport air, visiting heaven Alor you can do with the mode of transport sea. From Kupang, you can ride the ferry Pelni. This ship is heading for Alor every week two times. Long trip the tread with transportation is approximately 18 hours with the price of ticket is Rp're 75000 for passengers up and Rp 195.000 for the bike. So you live choose mode of transportation which one do you think is in accordance with the buged.

Facility tour Alor
As a place tour is it's quite hard to achieve anything, Alor provides facility to fulfill your needs for berwisata. The means of public transport are just in the center of the city, which is in Kalabahi.

As the town a tourist destination, the island of Alor provides lodging are pretty cheap. The price offered starts from Rp 65.000 per night for an economics class until the hundreds of thousands to the class executive. For facilitating transaction banking you in Alor, quite a lot available, but only in the center of the city.

To the means of communication, it is still difficult. The range of the signal can only be accessed from a provider in one village contained a tower BTS provider in the area. To the area another generally using a satellite call in to communicate.

If you still are in town Kalabahi, you're still easy to find a place to eat. But if you've been in the villages on the island of Alor, it's kind of hard to do, if there's a price offered relative expensive. Food typical in Alor is walnut, corn titi, and cake hair.

Lighting in the centre of Alor which is in Kalabahi with electricity 24 hours. But for territories outside Kalabahi electricity still lights up starts at 6 pm till 6 in the morning. To perenangan way too haven't been there.

For the tour offered in Alor, you don't need to worry about it. A lot of beauty don't you think that is presented on a small island. You can visit the Park of the Sea Pantar amazing. Garden sea Pantar it's called-it's referred to as the greatest second after park ocean islands of the Caribbean. There are 26 all diving offers the beauty of the variety in the park sea Pantar. Tour other's museum 1000 moko. Moko is nekara legacy nenak ancestors Alor since of the bronze age. Tourist culture the next you can do by looking at the process of making loom tie typical Alor in the ghetto custom Alor. To reach it required a struggle extra, you have to hire a vehicle type of off road with tariff lumaya expensive that Rp 750.000 per day. Tour other has to offer is to tour the mountains. You can try the challenge of climbing mount Delaki on the Island of Pantar and mount Koya-KOya on the island of Alor. Don't miss even the farm deer best in the area east of Indonesia is to visit. Then, prepare yourself from now and have a great vacation in Alor!